In the commercial studio, Visual Concepts programs, space plans, presents, specifies and assists with procurement of all interior components in order to build an environment for work, play and/or conducting business. Each project is uniquely , designed, detailed and managed to reflect specific scope, client objectives, and desired end result. Whatever the type of business, Visual Concepts has services to help to ensure your business’ success.

PROGRAMMING…We will interview the key players in the company to gather information crucial to the project scope. To ensure satisfaction and success of the project these questions directly relate to the space, functionality, and process of your company. Once all data is collected from programming interviews, space plans are developed to reflect the information given.

SPACE PLANNING/SCHEMATIC DESIGN…Space planning is the result of quantifying the tenant(s)/client(s) programmatic needs into physical spacial arrangements. A schematic floor plan is provided. This two-dimensional plan is a detailed space plan showing design solutions, private offices, storage and all support spaces, etc…

FINISH SELECTIONS…We will provide finish selections and specifications of materials. A general color/material scheme is prepared for your review. Upon final approval, one scheme is completed and used for the final design.

CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION…Site visits and construction meetings are conducted to ensure that the project is progressing in accordance with the with the designer’s design intent.